Be prepared for Spring with help from DFA Financing

As you prepare for the busiest time of year on the farm, we understand the need to fund projects efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. The operating loans we can provide can help you get the best prices on seed, fertilizer, equipment upgrades and much more, while spreading the cost over a period of time to protect your cash flow.
Our programs can provide the funds you need, when you need them. Have funding in place when your seed dealer offers their best discount or ensure you can get back to work quickly when you have equipment problems. Whatever your needs, all it takes is once call.

Benefits of securing a line of credit:

  • Negotiate the best price on seed, fertilizer, equipment repairs and more

  • 12-month payback allows you to spread your cash flow over an entire year

  • Avoid delays in getting the cash you need

  • Convenient payments made through milk check deduction

  • Prepay for year-end purchases as part of your tax planning strategy

  • A revolving line for ongoing operating needs may be available